Using a VPN service has many benefits:-

Security – Encryption stops hackers and eavesdroppers from intercepting your internet traffic. Especially useful at wi-fi hotspots.

Anonymity – Your online identity will be masked behind an anonymous IP address.

Torrents – Even if you’re using torrents for unquestionably legitimate purposes, it’s still a very good idea to use anonymity solutions. Not all VPN services allow torrents though.

P2P – P2P isn’t always just about bittorrent, since there’s many other P2P applications out there such as eMule. However, some VPN services restrict P2P connections.

Avoiding Censorship – Bypass internet limitations such as blocked websites, blocked ports and traffic shaping (some ISPs restrict certain types of traffic at certain times).

Android – Your Android device is vulnerable at wi-fi hotspots. Protect it with a VPN app.

Mac – Protect your Mac from snoopers and hackers online and surf anonymously.

iPhone – Mobile devices such as the iPhone can be easily compromised. Secure with a VPN iPhone app.

iPad – Surf the internet safely and securely with your iPad using VPN protection.

Country Restrictions – Your online identity can appear as if you are currently in another country. This is useful if you are outside the US and want to use Hulu or outside the UK and want to watch the BBC iPlayer.

Bitcoin VPN Service – Hide your ID footprint using Bitcoin to buy your VPN service.

Business – Protect your valuable corporate network from competitors or hackers. Bypass geo-targeting blockades and employee location issues.