Choosing a VPN for P2P isn’t always just about bittorrent, since there’s many other P2P applications out there such as eMule. Even some apps/services like Spotify run on a P2P platform.

Since some VPN services restrict P2P connections, it’s important to know what limitations or features a VPN might have that’s appropriate for your needs.

If you’re a rabid media lover and use a variety of P2P platforms, it’s probably best to just skip any of the more limited services and make sure you can use P2P for your whole connection, have a high degree of anonymity, decent speeds, and hop between multiple VPN servers and locations if one chokes, goes down, or is a bit slow.

Here’s what we feel are the most flexible and robust offers and as such are the best VPN for P2P use:



Our Rating – 93.4%
HideMyAss Review



Our Rating – 96.6%
AirVPN Review (10% Price Discount! – Use code bvfu_10)



Our Rating – 91.6%
TorGuard Review (50% Price Discount! – Use code bvpn4u50)



Our Rating – 85%
PrivateInternetAccess Review



Our Rating – 93.4%
IPVanish Review

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