Obviously many people use a VPN for torrents to share copyrighted content, which is of course is something with widely varying philosophical and ethical points of view. However, even if you’re using torrents for unquestionably legitimate purposes, it’s a very good idea to use anonymity solutions like a VPN to avoid getting caught up in any misguided legal witch hunts or traffic throttling efforts of ISP’s.

Not all VPN services allow torrents though. Most have a mixed policy, where it’s allowed on some servers but not all due to the copyright litigation landscape in certain countries. It’s rarely allowed on US servers since it’s ground zero for copyright trolls.

Below are what we think are some of the best VPN services for torrents at this time based on speed and their policies:



Our Rating – 96.6%
AirVPN Review (10% Price Discount! – Use code bvfu_10)



Our Rating – 93.4%
HideMyAss Review



Our Rating – 91.6%
TorGuard Review (50% Price Discount! – Use code bvpn4u50)



Our Rating – 85%
PrivateInternetAccess Review



Our Rating – 93.4%
IPVanish Review

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Disclaimer: Know the laws in your country and locality. BestVPNForYou.com do not suggest, condone, or practice the violation of national or international copyright law. That being said, we do support fundamental reforms of copyright laws as proposed by the Pirate Party political and activist organizations around the world.