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Price: From 4.08 Euro / Month.(If purchased via 12-month plan) Accepts Bitcoins.
Coupon / Discount: 10% Off* (Use AirVPN coupon code bvfu_10)
Our Rating: – 96.6%
Protection: 5/5
Software / GUI:
Ease of Use:

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Service Overview and Reviews

Protocols: OpenVPN, Wireguard

Service: AirVPN provides OpenVPN with 200+ high performance servers in 20 countries (inc. US, UK, Europe & Asia) with no traffic, time or speed limits.

Anonymity is an absolute priority of AirVPN and it was created and maintained by activists who strongly support Net Neutrality and privacy. IPs are shared and every protocol is welcome, including P2P across their entire network.

AirVPN allows you to do remote port forwarding enhancing the performance of applications like BitTorrent, eMule, and other P2P clients.

They’ve done a top-notch job supporting a wide array of platforms and providing clear and detailed instructions. Supported platforms and configs are Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, IOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT, pfSense, TOR, and SSH and SSL Tunnels.

AirVPN is also one of the few VPN providers to pull off a smooth and full-fledged Linux client, which is great to see.

If using an Ubuntu distro, see this post for some installation tips.

AirVPN allows customers to access a number of popular geo-restricted services from any server in the world, for example to watch BBC and use BBC iPlayer without having to connect to their UK servers, or access Hulu without having to connect to their USA servers etc.

Every server includes native support of OpenVPN over SSH to finally give full VPN access to customers and users from China and Iran and to bypass OpenVPN traffic shaping performed by some (very rare) Western ISPs. (Fully and successfully tested from Beijing , Shangai and Tehran residential ISPs.)

AirVPN allows up to 5 simultaneous connections (on different servers) per account! Also includes a “killswitch” feature called Network Lock.

AirVPN accepts multiple payment options:-

Paypal, Stripe (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, etc) and Amazon pay. Also cryptocurrencies:- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Doge and Monero.

Recent major backend system upgrade, which included general hardening of security and anonymity, additional Heartbleed-type vulnerability protections, enhanced cryptography, added TLS-auth layer, etc.

All servers are based on RAM disks for additional security. They perform a minimal boot to bring up the TCP/IP stack, the network and a few essential related services, and then they download all the vital files and keys via network.

IPMI and similar interfaces are never exposed to the Internet for additional security. They are accessible only through a private network.

In addition AirVPN now provides:-

    • WireGuard support
    • DoH and DoT
    • opt-in block lists to stop ads, trackers etc., with powerful flexibility, including options to combine lists and enter customized exceptions and/or additional blocks with wildcard support
    • new 10 Gbit/s dedicated lines and servers in Swiss, Sweden and Texas (USA)
    • new 10 Gbit/s dedicated lines and servers in Bulgaria and the Netherlands
    • rewritten port forwarding system now allows to reserve specific inbound ports to specific devices
    • rewritten DDNS system now allows name resolution for specific devices. Therefore it is now possible to have multiple domain names which resolve correctly for each connected device (previously you could have 1 DDNS based name, now you can have a maximum of 20)

Fully compliant with the European Union directives which protect your privacy.

Privacy: AirVPN does not monitor and does not log your activity online. See their Policy/Terms/FAQ

Coupon / Discount:* We have negotiated a special discount of 10% with AirVPN. Insert the AirVPN coupon code bvfu_10 just before the checkout to receive your discount.

Our Thoughts: AirVPN provides an excellent service with great speeds across a wide network. Their privacy policy is one of the strongest and most transparent and they are one of the few VPN Service providers who accept various cryptocurrencies. The client software is both excellent and very easy to use, connections rarely drop and speeds are very fast.

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AirVPN User Reviews

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AirVPN Speed Test Results

AirVPN Speed Test

Below you can see our testing results for AirVPN. For more details of how we conduct our speed tests go to VPN Speed Tests.

Test PC #1 – United States – OS (Ubuntu 11.10) – ISP (Cox) (Chromium)LocationPingDownloadUpload
Not Using VPNUnited States3122.135.20
OpenVPNUnited States16111.046.37
OpenVPNUnited Kingdom1789.135.81
Download Test (Curl)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited States620M1445K07:19
OpenVPNUnited States620M1163K09:05
OpenVPNUnited Kingdom620M1114K09:29
P2P Test (Deluge)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited States695Mb1.69Mb06:51
OpenVPNUnited States695Mb1.55Mb07:30
OpenVPNUnited Kingdom695Mb1.55Mb07:19

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Test PC #2 – United Kingdom – OS (Win 7) – ISP (Sky) (Firefox)LocationPingDownloadUpload
Not Using VPNUnited Kingdom3210.560.94
OpenVPNUnited States1277.540.86
OpenVPNUnited Kingdom359.790.87
Download Test (Curl)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited Kingdom620M1241k08:31
OpenVPNUnited States620M907k11:40
OpenVPNUnited Kingdom620M1161k09:06
P2P Test (uTorrent)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited Kingdom695Mb1.1Mb10:22
OpenVPNUnited States695Mb1.0Mb11:34
OpenVPNUnited Kingdom695Mb0.99Mb12:16

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  1. Protection

    Not the fastest VPN I’ve used even when connected to a server 40 miles away but has an air of professionalism missing in most VPN’s. When you look at the security built in it’s the VPN I use & will continue to use. The usual lists on VPN reviews are , Express, Nord, CyberGhost, such fiction, most of the reviews are sponsored. You wont go wrong with Air!

  2. Protection

    sure , this vpn very good for speed internet privacy worth it if you pay less money to a different provider, for fake security? Seriously, AirVPN is good.

  3. Protection

    If the reviewer thinks AirVPN is so good, why does it get 4.5 on things like features, without telling us what was lacking?

    Now to update people on AirVPN in 2016:

    – More features
    – Still rock-solid security
    – Still 3 connections from anywhere.
    – The review didn’t mention there’s no speed limits either, but still a guranteed minimum

    The client is excellent, for one and is constantly being developed and there IS a “killswitch”. It’s called “Network Lock”. This feature is in fact BETTER than most other VPN “killswitches”, because those switches often either don’t work or respond too slowly or have other issues. You can also have 3 connections now, from anywhere. While 3 might seem limited, it’s actually perfect, because adding more would mean having to introduce a RADIUS server and thus add logging. This is 3 connections from anywhere in the world as well, from any other device; so it’s very generous in fact. Especially when coupled with the high-quality servers.

    Sure, you might pay more than usual for Air compared to others. But is it worth it if you pay less money to a different provider, for fake security? Seriously, AirVPN is good.


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