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Price: From 5.50 Euro / Month. (If purchased via 12-month plan) Accepts Bitcoins.
Our Rating: – 88.4%
Protection: 5/5
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Service Overview and Reviews

Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP

Service: PrivateVPN provides Open VPN, L2TP and PPTP across a high performance network in 29 countries with no traffic restrictions.

You can Watch Hulu and USA TV and the BBC iPlayer and unblock all VOIP Applications include Skype.

Port forwarding is available on OpenVPN servers with dynamic and public IPs available.

You can connect up to 4 devices simultaneously and P2P is allowed (Swedish servers recommended).

Connection Guard software to select application to close on VPN disconnection.

Customer service is available 24/7.

You can get a free test for 24 hours by emailing their support from the website.

Privacy: PrivateVPN never produce logs of any data traffic. See their Policy/Terms/FAQ

Note: PrivateVPN log IP numbers on their server in the U.S. This is because the laws of the United States. No P2P on US or UK servers.

Our Thoughts: This established VPN is very impressive, speeds are excellent and privacy is placed at a premium. A fair sized network that covers all the main locations you’ll need. Great client software that includes an auto-reconnect and an option to close specific programs if the connection is ever dropped. Competitively priced for the longer term plans.

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PrivateVPN Speed Test Results

PrivateVPN Speed Test

Below you can see our testing results for PrivateVPN. For more details of how we conduct our speed tests go to VPN Speed Tests.

Test PC #1 – United States – OS (Ubuntu 11.10) – ISP (Cox) (Chromium) Location Ping Download Upload
Not Using VPN United States 27 23.21 7.18
OpenVPN Germany 175 9.03 6.46
OpenVPN US 152 11.53 6.81
OpenVPN Netherlands 172 10.10 6.45
OpenVPN United Kingdom 168 9.13 6.37
Download Test (Curl) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United States 620M 1330K 07:57
OpenVPN Germany 620M 1061K 09:58
OpenVPN US 620M 1104K 09:35
OpenVPN Netherlands 620M 864K 12:14
OpenVPN United Kingdom 620M 976K 10:50
P2P Test (Deluge) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United States 695Mb 1.59Mb 07:17
OpenVPN Germany 695Mb 1.47Mb 07:51
OpenVPN US 695Mb 1.49Mb 07:46
OpenVPN Netherlands 695Mb 1.56Mb 07:24

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Test PC #2 – United Kingdom – OS (Win 7) – ISP (Sky) (Firefox) Location Ping Download Upload
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 32 10.56 0.94
OpenVPN Germany 53 9.95 0.89
OpenVPN US 200 5.04 0.63
OpenVPN Netherlands 41 9.97 0.89
OpenVPN United Kingdom 36 9.99 0.88
Download Test (Curl) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 620M 1241k 08:31
OpenVPN Germany 620M 899k 11:46
OpenVPN US 620M 714k 14:49
OpenVPN Netherlands 620M 1184k 08:56
OpenVPN United Kingdom 620M 1072k 09:52
P2P Test (uTorrent) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 695Mb 1.1Mb 10:22
OpenVPN Germany 695Mb 0.97Mb 12:15
OpenVPN US 695Mb 0.78Mb 15:05
OpenVPN Netherlands 695Mb 0.90Mb 13:05

Tips: OpenVPN seems to be faster than PPTP connections

Note: The handshake protocol (MSCHAP_V2) used by many PPTP connections has been cracked and therefore PPTP could now be considered unencrypted. For maximum security use OpenVPN or L2TP.

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  1. Protection

    I marked everything bad because it’s a complete scam of a company. Lies like “most trusted VPN” …not 30 day refund policy, they won’t do it. What you get is nasty combative people obviously just wearing customers thin so they give up. All the configurations are faulty and most of their claims false. Very very bad.

  2. Protection

    PrivateVPN is a piece of shit A real crap Doesn’t work with Mac OS

  3. Protection

    A disaster of a company that does not understand Customer Service.

    iPhone OpenVPN did not work because of limits within their system (even though the publish the config files for iOS). Eventually, after I had to switch to another provider (that workes fine) they say they have modified their system. But they refused refund.

    Then I got SPAM e-mail and they have no “unsubscribe” and no account settings to stop such mail (and the link in the mail went to a web site blocked for “malicious content”). And all they can say is “mark their domain it as spam” (which is not possible on an iPhone !!) with the comment “Our time also cost money, you know…”.

    Eventually “…because it’s not your fault…” they agreed a refund.

    Disaster of a company. Recommend avoiding mainly due to their support and general attitude to users.

  4. Protection

    Can’t connect, the software is rubbish and they never say what the server status really is, they don’t seem to be working too hard at delivering a good service. Incompetent?

  5. Protection

    I sent this email
    There is something very wrong with your software. After I get done using it, my computer has 66 thousand temp files, I can’t get on the Internet any more I have to restore my computer to get it to work again. What is going wrong? It won’t connect.

    And received this from them

    1. We answer emails within 24 hours, like other VPN providers and companies. But we ALWAYS trying to answer as soon as possible.
    Paypal answer emails from customer within 24 hours if you’re VIP and 48 hours for normal customers. What expectations do you have, if you compare us with other normal companies?

    2. Theres NOTHING in the source code for the client that writes files in temp. Temp are used by all programs and I have 30 000 files in my temp. Why do you even think it’s our client? Have you’ve investigated all files?

    3. We need a complete log, which you find under: C:\Program Files (x86)\PrivatVPN\logs\openvpn

    4. You seems to be technical enough to know about temp, how can you don’t know that you need to close a application to be able to remove in. You can’t have our client started and try to delete it. Doesn’t work and will never work with any program. Close privatvpn.exe in taskmgr and remove this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\PrivatVPN

    5. And by emailing Paypal, what do you expect them to do? Sorry but do you honestly thing they care about “I’ve emailed PrivateVPN 9 hours ago and still no answer” when they answer their customers within 24 to 48 hours?

    6. Our VPN client are used by thousands of customers. If our client or service wouldn’t work, then we wouldn’t exist since 2009. Don’t you agree?

    Normally when a customer email about a issue, they wait for an answer before pointing on us that our client doesn’t work.

    My reply to them

    Dramatize????? when my computer won’t log on. and my network ends up screwed.
    I see you have no fix for the software problem your software caused. Your right Pay Pal don’t care and seem you don’t either.
    I have all ready removed your software and all my problems are gone and temp file problem is gone also.
    I am very unhappy with your service.


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