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Website: www.hidemyass.com
Price: From $6.55 4.99 / Month (If purchased via 12-month plan) Accepts Bitcoins.
Coupon / Discount: Up to 57% Off*
Our Rating: – 93.4%
Protection: 4/5
Software / GUI:
Network & Speed:
Ease of Use:

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Service Overview and Reviews

Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP

Service: HideMyAss provides a paid service with 720+ VPN Servers in 190+ countries. Just one account allows you to access them all meaning you can hide behind over 93,000+ IP addresses.

There is unlimited ‘single click’ switching between the servers and no bandwidth limitation. The servers are fast and automatically check the current load before you connect, based on settings you control, giving you the option to select a faster alternative if required.

The client software is excellent and is both powerful and feature packed yet still very easy to use. It is probably the most comprehensive VPN client software on the market. You can switch IP addresses on the fly on all servers or set a time period for them to change randomly.

With HideMyAss, assigned IP addresses are not shared with other users while you’re connected. Once you disconnect, that IP address is dumped back into the pool for re-use by another user. This is good for some VPN uses, not so good for others, so you’ll want to think about how you typically plan to use your VPN.

The ‘Secure IP bind’ feature allows you to specify applications that will stop working if an unexpected VPN disconnection occurs. You can use this to ensure your real IP does not suddenly leak in the event of a network problem.

Dedicated iOS app for iPhone and iPad and now a new dedicated HMA! Pro VPN Android app for the best VPN experience for your Android phone or tablet. It’s really slick!

30-day money back guarantee.

Privacy: Logs are not stored on their VPN servers, they are all stored in a offshore server. Logs are kept 30 days to track abuses like spam etc. They do not monitor any traffic. See their Policy/Terms/FAQ

Coupon / Discount:* Summer Sale:-
1 month $9.99 (13% off)
6 month $39.96 (42% off)
12 month $59.88 (57% off)

Our Thoughts: HideMyAss VPN is a very good service and is both easy to use and stable with fast speeds across most of the network. The global server network is among the largest available with a choice of more than one server in many countries.

The client software is probably the best on the market and is packed with features including easy IP switching and the ability to speed test all the servers from within the software. The ‘Secure IP bind’ feature is an added security bonus for P2P users.

HMA is very competitively priced if you opt for a 12-month plan and represents excellent value for money.

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HideMyAss Speed Test Results

HideMyAss Speed Test

Below you can see our testing results for HideMyAss . For more details of how we conduct our speed tests go to VPN Speed Tests.

Test PC #1 – United States – OS (Mac OSX) – ISP (Cox)

SpeedTest.net (Iron) Location Ping Download Upload
Not Using VPN United States 24 20.62 6.91
PPTP Canada 218 16.41 2.30
PPTP Singapore 198 5.48 2.95
PPTP United Kingdom 180 7.94 2.80
PPTP United States 33 10.06 7.70
PPTP Luxembourg 185 6.58 1.93
Download Test (Curl) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United States 620M 1546K 06:51
PPTP Canada 620M 1169K 09:03
PPTP Singapore 620M 354K 29:51
PPTP United Kingdom 620M 811K 13:02
PPTP United States 620M 971K 10:53
PPTP Luxembourg 620M 1056K 10:01
P2P Test (Transmission) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United States 729.1Mb 1.65Mb 07:20
PPTP Canada 729.1Mb 1.17Mb 10:19
PPTP Singapore 729.1Mb 0.84Mb 14:31
PPTP Luxembourg 729.1Mb 1.09Mb 11:14

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Test PC #2 – United Kingdom – OS (Win 7) – ISP (Sky)

SpeedTest.net (Firefox) Location Ping Download Upload
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 32 10.56 0.94
PPTP Netherlands 60 8.46 0.75
PPTP United States 113 8.97 0.86
PPTP United Kingdom 49 10.14 0.78
PPTP Canada 148 7.48 0.71
PPTP Switzerland 56 10.08 0.77
PPTP Serbia 88 7.71 0.79
Download Test (Curl) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 620M 1241k 08:31
PPTP Netherlands 620M 676k 15:14
PPTP United States 620M 890k 11:52
PPTP United Kingdom 620M 1113k 09:30
PPTP Canada 620M 843k 12:32
PPTP Switzerland 620M 1025k 10:19
PPTP Serbia 620M 614k 16:44
P2P Test (uTorrent) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 695Mb 1.1Mb 10:22
PPTP Netherlands 695Mb 0.99Mb 11:50
PPTP United States 695Mb 0.92Mb 12:55
PPTP United Kingdom 695Mb 1.0Mb 11:20
PPTP Canada 695Mb 1.0Mb 11:25
PPTP Switzerland 695Mb 0.92Mb 13:02
PPTP Serbia 695Mb 0.77Mb 15:20

Tips: If speeds are slow with OpenVPN and you aren’t hyper-paranoid about security, try PPTP (Update: see Alert below) or L2TP. PPTP and L2TP can sometimes be faster, and are perfectly fine for most stuff.

When selecting similar locations from the list, it seems generally the last ones in the group are fastest (i.e. – LOC1 S5 might be faster than LOC1 S1). Also, don’t trust the load balancing feature too much, because there could be a good reason more people are using some servers vs. others (like they’re faster).

When using P2P, it’s generally a good idea to connect to servers in countries that are not subject to strict DMCA provisions to avoid copyright trolls and other unjustified hassles for both you and HMA. They have plenty of countries to choose from when connecting for P2P use.

Note: The handshake protocol (MSCHAP_V2) used by many PPTP connections has been cracked and therefore PPTP could now be considered unencrypted. For maximum security use OpenVPN or L2TP.

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  1. Protection

    Most consistent vpn service tried others but don’t compare for reliabilty and speed. Easily the best vpn client software

  2. Protection

    Been using for over 2 years now and HMA just keeps improving over time. More features than any other VPN, decent speeds and connections rarely drop. Excellent value on annual plan.

  3. Protection

    Good VPN. Simple to set up and very reliable. Price a bit high unless you go for one of the longer term plans

  4. Protection

    Low pings but low speed too. Servers are always overloaded.


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