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Website: www.vpn4all.com
Price: From $7 / Month. (If purchased via 12-month plan) Accepts Bitcoins.
Coupon / Discount: 15% Off* (Use VPN4All coupon code bvfu15)
Our Rating: – 95%
Protection: 5/5
Software / GUI: 5/5
Features: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Ease of Use: 4.5/5

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Service Overview and Reviews

Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec/L2TP

Service: VPN4All provides a paid OpenVPN service with multiple servers in 50+ countries (80+ cities) with 10000+ IP addresses. You also get 1 Fixed IP included with each VPN account.

One-click Server and IP switching (absolutely free & unlimited). The client software is excellent and very user friendly.

P2P and file sharing is permitted on servers in certain locations, marked “P2P” (in yellow) in their server list. These include secure and anonymous VPN servers that are located in: Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Russia. Note:There are NO P2P servers in the USA.

They are pretty hot on this and if you are connected via a ‘No-P2P’ server you may even find some torrent related sites blocked.

Includes Port Forwarding to improve file sharing/P2P and Stunnel SSL to get around restrictive firewalls like the China Firewall. And you can force change your IP on the fly without breaking your VPN connection.

With any plan you can connect with an unlimited number of devices so all your gadgets are covered.

Top rated VPN4All mobile apps for Android and iOS phones can be purchased separately or heavily discounted with any subscription to VPN4ALL’s full service.

New service: CryptoBrowser – a Free Encryption Tool for any Webmail or Social Media Messaging.

There is a trial account available and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Privacy: They don’t store any information or keep logs because the VPN4ALL VPN Server Network is operated off-shore and there are no laws that obligate them to keep logs on their customers. See their Policy/Terms/FAQ

BitCoin payment system for anonymous payments.

Note: VPN4ALL gathers information about actual bandwidth usage per license number in order to control their pricing plans only. However, they do not cache, collect or store a user’s originating IP address or store information about which servers or the IP addresses on the VPN4ALL server network a user has connected to at a particular time or in general.

Coupon / Discount:* We have negotiated a special discount of 15% with VPN4All. Insert the VPN4All coupon code bvfu15 just before the checkout to receive your discount. (Alternatively, insert the coupon code bvfu5 to get $5 off.)

Our Thoughts: VPN4All is an excellent service with above average security. They are competitively priced if you go for the annual option and they offer great customer support. Their privacy policy is one of the most robust in the industry. They are not legally obliged to keep logs, so they don’t! Client software is intuitive and easy to use and packed with special features. Very highly recommended.

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VPN4All User Reviews

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VPN4ALL Speed Test Results

VPN4All Speed Test

Below you can see our testing results for VPN4All. For more details of how we conduct our speed tests go to VPN Speed Tests.

Test PC #1 – United States – OS (Mac OSX) – ISP (Cox)

SpeedTest.net (Iron) Location Ping Download Upload
Not Using VPN United States 23 18.14 7.35
OpenVPN Netherlands 168 4.76 9.15
OpenVPN United States 92 15.07 9.75
OpenVPN United Kingdom 172 7.81 9.41
OpenVPN Germany 174 5.30 8.34
OpenVPN Canada 98 9.16 8.78
Download Test (Curl) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United States 620M 1453K 07:16
OpenVPN Netherlands 620M 703K 15:02
OpenVPN United States 620M 1238K 08:32
OpenVPN United Kingdom 620M 756K 13:59
OpenVPN Germany 620M 627K 16:52
OpenVPN Canada 620M 697K 15:10
P2P Test (Transmission) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United States 729.1Mb 1.53Mb 07:47
OpenVPN Germany (P2P) 729.1Mb 1.04Mb 11:41
OpenVPN Estonia (P2P) 729.1Mb 1.08Mb 11:18
OpenVPN Latvia (P2P) 729.1Mb 0.21Mb 58:19
OpenVPN Seychelles (P2P) 729.1Mb 0.84Mb 14:39

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Test PC #2 – United Kingdom – OS (Win 7) – ISP (Sky)

SpeedTest.net (Firefox) Location Ping Download Upload
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 32 10.56 0.94
OpenVPN Netherlands 49 9.78 0.87
OpenVPN United States 116 6.23 0.85
OpenVPN United Kingdom 41 9.81 0.88
OpenVPN Germany 52 9.79 0.87
OpenVPN Canada 130 6.62 0.98
Download Test (Curl) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 620M 1241k 08:31
OpenVPN Netherlands 620M 838k 12:37
OpenVPN United States 620M 902k 11:30
OpenVPN United Kingdom 620M 1014k 10:14
OpenVPN Germany 620M 870k 12:09
OpenVPN Canada 620M 710k 14:55
P2P Test (uTorrent) Location File Size Av. Speed/sec Time/mins
Not Using VPN United Kingdom 695Mb 1.1Mb 10:22
OpenVPN Germany (P2P) 695Mb 1.0Mb 11:40
OpenVPN Latvia (P2P) 695Mb 0.81Mb 14:47
OpenVPN Seychelles (P2P) 695Mb 0.61Mb 18:34

Tips: Urls with the word “torrent” are blocked on their non-P2P servers. This is a bit over the top in our opinion, but may be a flawed filter configuration (perhaps blocking “torrent” instead of “.torrent”?). But in any case, you can get around this in many instances by using the https:// version of a website instead of http://, if the site has it available. For example, http://torrentfreak.com is blocked, but https://torrentfreak.com works.

If you can’t connect to a server, try switching the software settings to TCP. Everything is UDP by default, which can sometimes have difficulty with the initial connection/handshake.

There’s a handy function on the software you can enable which allows you to change IP addresses while connected to a particular server.

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  1. Protection

    I’m using VPN4ALL for 2 years now, and only got a few problems. Support team is always here to help you quickly, and it seems that the service is pretty good on privacy and encryption. Can’t say for sure, as I’m no network specialist… Speed is OK for most of us, but it could be better. In OpenVPN-256 mode I can’t barely get a speed above 15Mb/s. I guess it’s enough for most people, but if you can reach 50-100 MB/s without, it’s very frustrating. It’s also a bit pricey.

  2. Protection

    Very reliable connections and decent speeds, Been using for 6 months now and about to renew. Simple and dependable.

  3. Protection

    Excellent VPN. Tried a few over the last 6 months but sticking now with VPN4All just renewed for 12 months. Great service

  4. Protection

    Just paid for one month to notice that the speed was not so spectacular. No refund.
    Their refund policy is just a fraud, as they don’t refund money if more than 100MB data is transferred. So if you run Speedtest a few times you already have exceeded the limit.
    Only their own software is supported, so no chance to router installation.

  5. Protection

    Currently using the mobile app only. Very slick if a little pricey but would reconmmend for sure


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