Six Strikes CatWell, it’s been a long while coming…

Rumoured throughout 2012, the Copyright Alert System (CAS) was finally launched in the US this week. A while back the MPAA and RIAA, together with five major US Internet providers launched the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) to agree on a system through which copyright infringers could be first warned and then punished.

AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Cablevison and Comcast are the first ISPs taking part although it is not yet clear exactly what form any warning or punishments may take.

It is believed these will include blocking access to certain websites, slowing down connection speeds, interrupting people’s ability to browse the Internet, forcing people to complete a copyright course and even permanently disconnecting repeat infringers.

So if they even suspect you of copyright infringement, they could slow or even cut off your Internet connection, all outside of the courts and without having to prove anything.

Switching ISPs is not an easy answer for most Americans who only have one choice for truly high speed Internet: their local cable company.

Of course there are many ways to beat the new system. Visitors to this site will know they can protect their privacy and prevent monitoring by their ISP using a VPN, proxy or seedbox.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is easy to install software that gives you effectively anonymous Internet access allowing you to boycott Six Strikes spying.

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