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Price: $5 / Month
Our Rating: – 71.6%
Protection: 5/5
Software / GUI: 3/5
Features: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Ease of Use: 4/5

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Service Overview and Reviews

Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP

Service: Mullvad offers an unlimited VPN service with servers in 22 countries.

Software is available in Windows, Mac and Linux and you can also get a version for iOS and Android.

The software is basic allowing you to choose which server to connect to and includes and auto-disconnect option.

Mullvad accept Bitcoins and there is a limited free 3 hour trial.

Privacy: Mullvad don’t log  any users activity. See their Policy/Terms/FAQ

Our Thoughts: A small VPN network that is big on privacy but our test results were a bit disappointing on P2P with speed fluctuating wildly during download. No UK servers.

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Mullvad Speed Test Results

Mullvad Speed Test

Below you can see our testing results for Mullvad. For more details of how we conduct our speed tests go to VPN Speed Tests

Test PC #1 – United States – OS (Mac OSX) – ISP (Cox) (Firefox)LocationPingDownloadUpload
Not Using VPNUnited States2130.5311.43
Download Test (Curl)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited States845M1605k08:59
P2P Test (Transmission)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUS800.1Mb1.96Mb06:49

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Test PC #2 – United Kingdom – OS (Win 7) – ISP (Sky) (Firefox)LocationPingDownloadUpload
Not Using VPNUnited Kingdom4110.560.93
Download Test (Curl)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited Kingdom783M1228k10:52
P2P Test (uTorrent)LocationFile SizeAv. Speed/secTime/mins
Not Using VPNUnited Kingdom753Mb1.1Mb11:24

Note: The handshake protocol (MSCHAP_V2) used by many PPTP connections has been cracked and therefore PPTP could now be considered unencrypted. For maximum security use OpenVPN or L2TP.

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  1. Protection

    I am new to Mullvad VPN this year. I am very happy with how easy it was to install their application onto multiple platforms from Linux to iOS to macOS. Once an account number was registered and payment applied (great options for payment too) at these applications were already set to connect. No complicated process to add profiles or change settings on my devices or computers.

    The Mullvad applications are simple to run without any configuration at all, or you can adjust settings to fit your needs. Setting connect/disconnect/block and server location are all on top. Preferences in the app includes a simple switch to allow local network sharing.

    The app settings allow blocking internet if not connected. Even better, Mullvad Socks5 proxy servers can be set to prevent any leaks if the application is not running. This can be important especially on Apple devices that are known to leak data outside an established VPN.

    Mullvad provides a good number of Wireguard access points for each location, allowing migration away from slower OpenVPN style connections. Running speed test from two Mullvad server locations over WireGuard gave ~ 65 ms ping, ~ 80 Mbps down, ~ 12 Mbps up.

    Running Mullvad on router with the OpenWRT firmware is not uncommon but their instructions appear to be based on a slight variant (LEDE) from the standard LuCI admin screens, so some interpretation is needed. But, for performance reasons, running on a router may not be the best choice considering the ease of using their App directly on all your devices.

    There are other features for route hopping and Tor access that I have not used and therefore will not comment on.

    #1 wish: would love to see an option to pay on same registration number for more than 5 WireGuard keys. However, if you have more than 5 devices, getting a second account number is not that cumbersome and might be well worth it considering the lack of hassle in both use and setup.

  2. Protection

    Have used Mullvad for about 4-f years now. However, this will be my last when it expires later this year. They have been fine, but now the speeds are nothing other than HORRIBLE. It takes about 6-8 hours to DL a 650K episode. Hate to leave, but the speed leaves no choice. Wish I knew why the recent downturn in speed… Oh well…..

  3. Protection

    The speed leve somthing to whis for, but i feel saft using mullvad and i have never ben disconected… Upload speed in uTorrent i more or less the same as whituot VPN but the downloadspeed leve a bit to whis for, can get 2-4 mb down on my 100/10 line.
    Live in sweden


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