We Needsss ItIt certainly hasn’t come as any kind of shock to us but the latest figures from Google’s Transparency report show that internet surveillance by governments around the world is on the increase, with the US and UK governments at the top of the list of snoopers.

In fact the US government submits more requests than any other country with requests doubling in the last 3 years to over 22 per 100,00 users.

That might seem like a small figure but you don’t need to guess which way the trend will continue to head. And that figure is almost double the number for Germany (11.5) and 10 times the number for the Netherlands. The UK is in the top 10 with 13.1 per 100,000 users.

Brazil tops the league for South American countries and Hong Kong is in the top 3. Who is at the bottom, with the least number snoop requests?…

… Russia! Yes, really. Siberia anyone?

To protect yourself from government snoopers you know what your need, right? 😉

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