PirateBrowserAs governments around the world seek more and more control of the internet we are seeing an increasing number of websites blocked at the ISP level.

Only yesterday UK ISPs have been asked to block 21 more sites following an application by the BPI which represents the British music industry.

The list includes BeeMPS, Abmp3 and several torrent sites, which link to copyright infringing material.

After today none of the Top 10 Torrent Sites 2013 as compiled by TorrentFreak will be directly accessible in the UK.

Earlier this month the team behind the Pirate Bay, the most censored website on the net, decided to take action and released the PirateBrowser, a Firefox and Tor-based software, that

“allows users to circumvent censorship and see the websites their governments and courts are trying to hide from them,”

It’s easy to install and use and predictably, has the Pirate Bay website as it’s default home page.

You can grab it here http://piratebrowser.com/.

BUT TAKE NOTE: It is meant purely as a tool to bypass censorship and does NOT provide any anonymity for its users. For that you need a good VPN service.

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  1. Yeah, what a shame this is happening, and thank god for products like this! I use the torch browser a lot of site unblocking, but the pirate browser can do a bit more. Here’s to free content!!


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